Where We Have Been

Note: (This page is a bit out of date.  Pending some down time to update, it will stay as is.)

In 2012, we left Tulsa in August to go to Alaska. Probably a good thing we decided to go there then instead of after Central America as we had transmission issues. That would have been awkward to fix in Mexico. After we returned, we modified the van again to more appropriately fit our needs (discovered while traveling for a while in the van). Then came the Baja test in November and December.

In 2013, we quickly decided we needed a better fridge so we could enjoy better food. After spending some time with family, I decided that I definitely wanted to go Central America so we started south as it started warming up (I have impeccable timing). With almost 2 months on the road in the humid heat, we were getting a little road-worn, so we hopped on a flight and went to the States for about 2 weeks before heading back to the Central America adventures.

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Eventually, I plan to add the routes in there, but here is a start!

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