Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Update 16: Is it Summer Yet?

Started putting in the flooring. Vinyl planks were cheap and easy. Unfortunately, the adhesive on the back is poor quality. It will not last long in the summer. So they will need to come out and have some real adhesive applied. The galley drawers are installed as well.  Months in the making, it all goes together in minutes.  Very anticlimactic

I installed skid plates for some additional drivetrain protection. Despite being final prototypes the fit and finish was good with only minimal changes necessary.

One heavy box.

Here is the front plate fitted.

The passenger side forward corner mounts to the tow-eye location. This hole was too far outboard by about ½” so the eyelet interfered slightly. Not a big deal, and a bit of work with the drill and grinder cleared it up.

This kit requires 3 holes to be drilled. One for the engine plate (same location as the interference) and 2 for the transmission plate. I primed all three just because I can.

As my van is lifted, the skid plate interferes with the bumper cover a bit. Some light trimming resolved it nicely.

The last of the cabinets are installed… Finally… Had some delays due to Jen and I coming down with the Flu. People who come to work sick should be shot…

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  1. Progress looks great! As a veteran hospital employee, I agree with punishing those who bring sickness to work with them. Typically a result of abusing sick-leave for leisure and having no alternative when illness really strikes!