Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Update #5

The bumper arrived a few days ago. Packaging was a bit Spartan, but it is a bumper… It’s fairly beefy, but not overly so. I am not satisfied with the mounting provisions, so I will be making some brackets to attach it to the vans “frame” tubes.

A friend of mine plasma cut and bent some steel sheet for me. It will become a fairly unusually shaped fuel tank. 16 gauge would have been ideal, but beggars cannot be choosers. So I will have a 10 gauge galvanized tank welded up soon. One of the bends is off a hair, so I will need to trim one edge before assembly. This may be a challenge with my limited tools.

The tank fits in the space under the sliding door and should be around 14 gallons. I could have gotten an 19 gallon tank to fit, but the alternator charging wire interferes, and it wasn’t worth the cost to make a new one.

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