Monday, January 23, 2017

Van Packing - An Art Form

Packing a vehicle (especially a campervan) for a long trip is equal parts science and black magic.  Finding the perfect combination of nesting, compressing, and container placement to maximize space, access, and weight distribution is an art unto itself.

Our van contains around 700lbs of gear, clothing, and equipment.  This makes up about 50% of our available payload.  The remainder is food, water, and passenger/driver.

It took us over 5 hours to pack the majority of the contents into the van the first time.  Many false starts, rearranging, swapping containers, etc.  We will likely be doing this all over again once we get the van back, as we have a few new items to add, as well as priority changes to address.  Hopefully AQIS won't ask us to completely unpack the van for our inspection tomorrow.

As a test of our GoPro, I made a timelapse video of packing the van.  Almost 6 hours condensed into less than 3 minutes.


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