Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blog Upgrades

While in the States, I spent quite a bit of time updating our blog with new gadgets. I don’t think you will see them if you are subscribed by email, but I think there is a link in the email to take you to the blog. When there, you will be able to see some new items on the right side of our blog, including:
  • Where We’ve Been – a small map that shows where each post was written. It doesn’t go back through all the posts, but it covers quite a few.
  • Currently On Our Kindle – a list of a few items that at least one of us are currently reading (or listening to).
  • Currently Stuck in Our Head – these are songs that get stuck in our heads (mostly Jonathan’s) as we travel, probably as a result of some store playing American music.
  • Recommendations – Things We Use & Love – these are items that we have purchased and found to be very useful. You might find them to be as well, whether you are a vanagon traveler or a stay-cationer (person who prefers to stay at home for vacations).

And, probably the most requested and anticipated update: a map that details our travels. The icons demonstrate whether it was a spot in our travels (hikers), a campsite (tent), a hotel (house), or a perhaps a stop with family (TV). Others are probably self-explanatory, but feel free to ask. As an added bonus, when you click on the icon, you will see a picture of the location. It is still a work in progress, with a few upgrades planned yet. But, I think you will like it. To get to it, open our blog website and select the “Where We Have Been” tab.


Hope you enjoy the new features! As a note, most of these are powered by Amazon's Affiliates program. As such, if you purchase something on Amazon after visiting their site from our links, we get a small kickback. So feel free to support us through that method! ;)

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