Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spring Update #8 - The Home Stretch

The rear end is back on the ground. Had a bit of a delay due to the rear brake discs. They were at the wear limit, and needed replaced. Only 2mm of wear allowance!  Suprisingly the local Oreilly distribution center had 2 in stock.  Germans seem to think 60k  miles is good for brakes.  A bit short in my opinion.

The instructions with the kit have you re-attached the parking brake cable in its original location. I did not like the way the cable was curved and the tension. So I re-worked the bracket to raise it about 1.5”. Another half inch of height could be attained with some spacers/washers. It is a bit tough to bend without remove it from the cable. But I was successful.

Prepping and painting the rear wheels took a few hours extra as well.

The painting on the cabinetry is coming along. Only a few items left and we can move onto covering the wall panels.  Of course a few items can take weeks...

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