Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Update #12

A brief update. Not much post worthy happening. Devoting a lot of time to finishing the cabinets. The doors are painted, and the frames are getting their last (hopefully) coat of filler/surfacer.

I am trying to get the small stuff taken care of any time I have an our free.

I have had boost and EGT gauges in the parts bin for almost 6 months. Here are the gauges.

Here is the pods I am using. I will be using a bit of clear silicone to retain the the gauges in the housings, as the provided o-ring is just a bit small thickness wise for a firm grip.

These gauges are not strictly necessary, but they give a good readout on engine load.  Hopefully they will let me get a drop on any unlikely issues.

They have analog and digital readouts, in addition to being fully digital. I started by pulling the plastic coupler between the intercooler and intake manifold hoses. I drilled and tapped it for a 1/8" NPT fitting. I ensured a leak free seal using some CA glue. The fitting is not coming loose.

I mounted the supplied pressure sensor to the coupling.

The wiring runs through a unused pass-through grommet above the drivers feet.

I ran the wires up alongside the A pillar and into the dash. There is plenty of room under the gauge cluster cover for the wiring. The positions provide good visibility without being in my line of sight.   Looking back I probably should have mounted them side by side on the left c'est la vie.

I will be drilling the exhaust manifold for the EGT probe in the near future.

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