Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Morning folks, its warm and sunny in Melbourne. We are lounging in our hotel, waiting for van news.

Here is a quick update on the last couple of days.  We arrived in Melbourne on Monday afternoon. After leaving LAX at 11pm on Saturday.  We arrived in Sydney to find our checked bags were lost.  No word on when we will get them, but they are probably still in LAX.

We have cleared the van with customs, and started the quarantine  inspection paperwork.  The ship is being unloaded, so we are waiting for our container to offload to the shippers warehouse for unpacking.  At which point we need to clear AQIS inspection.  Once that is done we can pay the remaining fees, and claim the van.

Other than some mild jetlag (and a cold for me) we are doing well.  We started shifting our sleep schedule before leaving the USA, so we only had a few hours of offset to deal with.  

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