Wednesday, June 7, 2017

South Australia by the Numbers

We somehow blazed through South Australia. But, we definitely plan on driving through again, probably when we cross through the great center. Besides, we missed the whales that live there from May to October.

Here are some interesting statistics from our journey in South Australia.
  • Time
    • Time zone: UTC+9:30; participates in DST (yes, you heard that right, 30 min off from the AUS Eastern time zone)
    • Day entered: 06-Apr-2017
    • Day left: 21-Apr-2017
    • Total # of days: 16
      • Nights slept in van: 15
      • Nights slept in tent: 0
      • Nights slept in hotel/etc.: 0
      • Nights paying for lodging: 0
  • Distance
    • Driven: ~3617 km (~2260 miles)
    • Hiked: 34.3 km (21.5 miles)
        Date Location Description Distance (km) Distance (mi)
        4/6/2017 Naracoorte Wet Cave 0.6 0.375
        4/7/2017 Naracoorte Victoria Fossil Cave 0.8 0.5
        4/9/2017 Victor Harbor Granite Island 2.551.59
        4/11/2017 Burra Burra Burra Mine Site 1 0.625
        4/12/2017 Mt Remarkable NP Ali Lookout Walk 0.4 0.25
        4/12/2017 Mt Remarkable NP Gorge Lookout Walk 0.6 0.375
        4/12/2017 Mt Remarkable NP Alligator Gorge Circuit 2 1.25
        4/14/2017 Flinders Ranges NP Akaroo Rock Hike 3 1.875
        4/14/2017 Flinders Ranges NP Sacred Canyon Walk 0.5 0.3125
        4/14/2017 Flinders Ranges NP Wilpena Solar Power Station Walk 0.5 0.3125
        4/14/2017 Flinders Ranges NP Wangara Lookout Hike (Upper and Lower) 7.8 4.875
        4/15/2017 Flinders Ranges NP St Mary Peak Hike 14.6 9.125
    • Fuel fill-ups: 5
  • Money
    • Total spent: $735 USD ($995 AUD) 
      • Consists of the costs of traveling full time in South Australia
      • Does not include gear or van conversion costs
    • Average cost per day: $19.86 USD ($26.90 AUD)
    • Average cost of diesel: $1.263 AUD per liter ($3.586 USD per gallon)
  • National Parks visited: 6
    • Naracoorte
    • Coorong
    • Mount Remarkable
    • Flinders Ranges
    • Coffin Bay
    • Nullarbor
Interesting observations about South Australia:
  1. Like Tasmania, at the stores, they do not “give” you plastic bags. You either buy plastic bags from them, or you bring your own.
  2. Unlike Tasmania or Victoria (or even West Australia), when they have a lookout, they actually bring you above the trees/shrubbery or at least trim them so that you can actually look out at the view. It was great! In the other states so far, they most often have trees and plants blocking your view so that you can’t really call it a lookout.
  3. Its coastline is a large section of the Great Australian Bight (kinda like a gulf), where whales deliver and nurse their young until they are strong enough to brave the open oceans.
  4. Unlike Victoria, they do not have a proliferation of road signs, leaving you wondering what the speed limit is.

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