Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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From Eréndira, we ventured south to San Quintín and El Rosario. In San Quintín, we stayed at an olive plantation/resort. It was an interesting place that strove to take full advantage of its space. While it was still under some construction to improve the place, it was pretty clean and has great potential.

I wanted to see the bay and beach, which are protected by volcanoes. We did make it to the Old Mill at the San Quintín Bay. The mill is leftover from some agricultural experiment back in the day. From there, the volcanoes looked pretty dormant and unimpressive.

We made a couple of efforts to actually get to a beach and maybe explore the volcanoes more, but all our attempts failed. We don’t have very good maps and many of the roads we tried were ridiculously bumpy.

Arriving in El Rosario on Tuesday, we took a back-road trip to Punta Baja that juts out into the Pacific. After lunching on the cliffs there, we found a beach to go explore.

Apparently there are a few people who live there on the deserted beach trying to make a living clamming and crabbing or such.

We found all sorts of interesting sea creatures in the tidal pools, including snails, hermit crabs, and anemones(?).

Now, El Rosario is known for its restaurant Mama Espinoza’s, most famously for her crab and lobster burritos. Not wanting to cook for dinner, we decided we would try it out. It was an interesting little place. Cactus and whale skeletons decorated the outside, and inside was a shrine to the Baja off-road races.

Since I don’t like shellfish, I asked the server what she recommended otherwise. We ended up with chicken enchiladas. They weren't bad, but they weren't impressive either. I know Mexicans don’t really do cheese that much—it is an expensive commodity, but the enchiladas were topped with an interesting crumbly cheese, I wondered if it was goat’s cheese. I guess you really need to like shellfish for the place to really be great. I did really like the soup that came with it, though. It was simple, brothy, and had an intriguing flavor.

Spanish Words of the Day:
Beach: playa
Shellfish: mariscos
Cheese: queso
Market: mercado

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