Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And...We're back!

Howdy folks.  It has been a while since our last post.  If you have been checking this blog weekly, hourly, or god forbid daily…  Sorry for the delay.  (FYI there is a subscribe link on the right of this page for email notifications when we post)
We have been flitting about, here and there in the Midwest portion of the USA.  Most of our time has been spent taking care of family related business, and making preparations for our journey south.  Nothing really noteworthy has occurred, hence the lack of postings.  However as I write this we are back on the road and bound for warmer shores; both literally and figuratively. Jen will be posting soon with details of our trip to date, and some pics of the dustiness.

It may not seem obvious, but there are two very important keys that I have discovered for the successful planning of roadtrippage.  First, lots of detailed planning (made possible by the glory of Al Gore’s internets).  Second, lots and lots of sleep.  I can guarantee that up until recently I have been indulging in the latter.  One can never have enough of the former, but lack of it does make for interesting experiences after the fact.

Despite the voluminous amount of sleep I have indulged in, we still managed to accomplish a decent amount over the last few weeks.  We were able to fix a few of the mangled bits of Chuck that were still left from our Alaska excursion.  This was made possible by the good graces of the Japanese and a variety of Chinese parts.  We also obtained equipment for filtering water.  While most water in Mexico is decent, I see no reason to tempt Montezuma’s Revenge (aka Cryptosporidium).  I originally thought we would take our chances with water in Mexico, (most guides report it is potable in most major metropolitan areas). However, the very thought of 3 days of vicious sharts convinced me otherwise.  
0.9Micron filter for drinking water.

New Axles for Chuck

We also were able to add some camouflage to Chuck, as well as repair and refit his fridge.  I call the look, dusky tiger, I think vanagons everywhere will be trying it out.  This entire decorative scheme was accomplished in an afternoon with duplicolor Car-Art temporary paint, and 5 rolls of electrical tape . 


Currently we are planning to make a beeline for the southern west coast.  We are considering stops, weather permitting, at the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Redwood National Forest.  Why all the side trips you ask?  Several members of my family are strongly considering visiting us in Los Cabos Baja in December.  If they (and their passports) come through, we will need to delay our crossing into Baja for a few weeks.  Besides, we need to get our money’s worth out of our national park yearly pass. By the way; it seems that with sufficient planning, one can make a 5 day trip to Los Cabos for less than $1200.  With a group of 3 or more this price will include a car, flight, hotel, and a decent amount of food.  While not my preferred method to visit another country, it seems Mexico can be a great holiday getaway. 

For you readers: What do you want to see more of?  Campsite GPS coordinates?  Photos of Chuck’s engine bay?(aka van porn)  Our menu?  You tell us, your feedback could help make this cluster of ramblingness more interesting. 

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