Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Esperance and Cape Le Grand

After leaving gold country, we headed west along the coast to the beach town of Esperance and the nearby Cape Le Grand National park. A lot of places say they have the best beaches in the world, but the ones around Esperance would at least make the first round.


This is Hellfire Beach in Cape Le Grand.

The water is still a bit cool down here this time of year. The west coast gets a tropical current in the winter, so the water is much warmer. While at Cape LeGrand we climbed up a one of the odd looking "mountains". Many have large caves and overhangs. This on in particular has a spectacular see-through cave/arch.
It is wildflower season, and we enjoyed plenty of them on our hikes.






Here is the summit from below.

Here is a photosphere from the top. Great views of the cape.

The arch.

A photosphere inside the arch (follow the link to view and pan).


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