Friday, May 19, 2017

Wave Rock

After Cape Le Grand and Esperance, we took a detour inland to the tourist destination of Wave Rock. This is a long drive across WA's wheat belt. Fields of wheat so large that you cannot see the other side.

A prelude to wave rock (and a free parking spot, instead of the 10$ fee) is the yawning hippo.

As we walk in, the wave starts to appear.

Along the way are some interesting plants. Including this little carnivorous flower. Only a few cm across, they are covered with sticky hairs, which are used to capture insects.

Some nearby aboriginal cave painting finished up the day. As a side note, the extent the locals go to in order to capture rain water is intense. Many large rock surfaces are covered with dams and channels to produce a water catchment area.

We found this guy hiding under an old aboriginal lizard trap (a flat rock with a trigger).  

On the way out, we stopped to take a photo of precariously perched truck. Because, Australia.

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