Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Update #11 Nostalgia!

I have been slowly uploading photos of our last roadtrip to my Flickr account.

Take a look here for hundreds of full resolution photos.

For those who don't have the time, I have selected a few for your enjoyment.  Here is a bit of Vanagon Westy nostalgia for everyone.




  1. Hello, I stumbled on to your blog when looking into cabinet inspiration for my new-to-me 1981 vanagon 9-seater. Was it just the reliability issue that brought you to sell it? Will I too end up selling? :S

    great blog btw!

    1. It wasn’t reliability that motivated the change. Chuck never left us stranded. Being a 30-year-old vehicle we had to put a lot of work (and money) into him getting all the maintenance up to date. The change to the sprinter was purely financial. Once we added up the cost of getting Chuck updated to our specs, the sprinter was a cheaper route, and provided the additional room we were desiring for long term overland travel.

      Most of the basic techniques I used for cabinets would apply to a vanagon fit-out. There are some nice custom cabinets on this page. If were too do my cabinetry again, I would opt for laminate instead of paint. It would have saved me lots of time.

  2. guys, these pictures are amazing. that second one!!!