Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Update #6

I started working on installing the front lift kit. I needed about 7” blocks under my short-ish jack stands in order to get the tires off the ground. The kit install proceeded smoothly, with no seized bolts or other discrepancies. However, the included M12x1.5x220mm bolts that secure the subframe and spacer were actually 1.75 pitch. So after exhausting any local source options I decided to put the lift on hold. The vendor is working on getting correct bolts to me. 

The shocks/struts on the van were original and still and great shape at 100k miles.  Those shock manufactures recommendations of 60k mile changes are full of it. 

I did as much of the rear lift kit install as I could without jacking the rear up. Again fit was good. I needed to tweak the sway bar attach bracket to get the spacer to fit. 

While I wait on bolts I decided to paint the rims. Black for the wheels, and blue for the hubcaps. The lift kit parts also got a coat of matching blue. A couple of coats of rattle can clear coat will add durability.

I installed some sliding doors in the vertical cabinet. We also prepped and started painting the remaining cabinetry. It will take at least a month to get them finished. I was going to install the fridge, but with the van on jack stands I will hold off for now. 

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